Angel sent from... above the nest?

Enough with ranting (and cursing), here is my newest addition for my own family, a bird. Small bird that not even know how to fly. Baby bird I guess. My wife found it and saved it from being feed to the dogs. She called it (we don't know if it's female or male) Angel.

Since last two days are festival day so we all know that shops are closed down so we have to feed it tiny piece of biscuit. I know it is seem so cruel but we try our best to feed it. We even try to feed it with rice but Angel seems don't like the taste if it. So today we go out to town and we are happy to see that the pets shop are open. I bought 2 cups of these, worth Rm4, for Angel.

Angel eat like there is no tomorrow and I have to limit 2 worms per 3 hours. I guess Angel were really hungry. I almost get worm phobia seeing these worm wriggling inside the bottle. We both hope Angel will survive and be a free bird soon.

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kay kastum said...

reminds me of a movie where this dude (or was it a lady) had to teach some birds to fly. Finally a plane was used and they followed him/her to the skies.

What's your plan?

LeeJB said...

Don't have any plan yet. Good idea I think about that. I fancy parachuting so maybe this is a great excuse to parachuting to teach this little fella fly :D