I don't know if this is true or not. My blog has attain PR1 now. No matter where I login or access my blog, I still see the page rank is 1. I hope it will stay like that and will rise again.

And I have one bad news, I lost my Memory Stick that contains picture of the new look of The Palace Hotel. Yes they did a major renovation of all of the rooms and for sure it looks great. Free wifi, new 32 inch plasma tv on the wall, new bedding, new coat of paint as I say at my previous post, everything is new. Actually I'm planning to go back there and check in with my wife but since she said that she heard someone whispering to her "Kenapa kau mau tinggal di sini? Ini tempat tinggal saya." ( Why do you want to stay here. Here is my place) in the middle of the night as I were sleeping, I just canceled it. Spooky huh? Not only that, I have to spend more money to buy another memory stick. Damn....

I'm sorry for Cindy coz I can't upload any photo for the new renovation. Minta maaf ahh Cindy .....

And still, I'm very busy.... At least I get enough sleep now.

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Escape from seminar for a while....

Hehehe.... Don't blame me. I'm not part of the participant. So here is some of the photos.

Explaining on how to repair and doing maintenance for the machine.

Careful! This things worth RM2480!

Selling tecnique.

Candid when we installing the machine. See how happy are we!

Mr Hose man!

Do you know who is this? (Answer at below)

I've been sneezing throughout the seminar. I don't know whether I'm sick or the hotel needs air cleaners for their hotel.

Answer: This is our famous opening line.

Pernah dengar Dr Noordin Darus? Dia lah pengasas RX-Water..... Hehhehhe..... If you want to know more about RX-Water : Aura Healing Water, drop me a line. It's good to know that your water filter are a good one and being installed by their own staff.

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Live blogging at Palace Hotel

Here I am in my room at Palace Hotel. The room are nice since new owner take over this hotel. Everything is new. With 32 inch Plasma TV, new bed, everything lah new. The great part is, I don;t have to pay a single cent for this room. :D

I did manage to snap up some picture and I really love to upload it but now, I'm late for the seminar. It suppose to start at 8 am sharp. I'm to exhausted to wake up early for the breakfast at 6.30 am. I have to bring both of the representative from Kuala Lumpur to fishing later this evening. We will be at the bridge near the Yayasan Sabah. Got to go now.


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Death of HD DVD

Toshiba said, enough saying... We will stop producing developing, making or producing any HD DVD related product. So Blu-Ray is the winner.

So everyone who still waiting for the war ended can move their ass and wallet to nearest electronic gadget shop to get their Blu-Ray player. I swear lots of people will swearing and cursing that their precious DVD and HD DVD collection will collecting dust in the future. So am I. I already spend lots of moolah collecting my own favorite movies in DVD and now they changed to Blu-Ray, soon my collection will also be a dust collector.

For your information, both HD DVD and Blu-ray deliver crisp, clear high-definition pictures and sound, which are more detailed and vivid than existing video technology. They are incompatible with each other, and neither plays on older DVD players. But both formats play on high-definition TVs. Damn it. Hope their player still can play old school DVD disc.

I guess this also would be a good news for us because since they win the battle, Blu-Ray format movies would be much more cheaper in the future.

Read the whole news here.

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Overtime season again....

The overtime season has already consume my energy and I don't even have time for further renovation of my room. Tonight I have to endure another overtime even though I'm quite weak now. I think I'm gonna have fever.

My whole body are aching now. This must have to do with short drink session last night with my colleague.

My schedule for this whole month really tight. My eyes are forcing me to let them rest for a while now. Hope I can update this coming week.

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My funny Valentine...

It's wicked dude. Bon Jovi singing My Funny Valentine.

Anyway, last night me and my funny Valentine did went to Seafood Restaurant last night. No candle light thought. Here is what we ordered last night.

Fish that cost Rm76!
Then wife ask me to let her keep a cat as a pet and force me to buy cat bed for her cat. Hahaha... No lah joking only.

This one are the original My Funny Valentine by Bobby Darin.

Tell me about your Valentine.

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Love is in the air..... Everybody can go and hide....

Tomorrow marks the Valentine's Day. For those who are still single surely already booked their bouquet of roses for their loved one. Me, nahhhh... already passed lah. I will try to make a romantic dinner. Come on lah, flowers are not on Valentine's Day only because she will expect that from you. Except for youngster, she expecting that you will give her one and REALLY want one on that day (shame lah if eveyone got one but you). But for those who have 'old' minded like me, love don't have any reason to be shown. Try give her flowers on unexpected days, surely she will love it.

I will ask my colleague if he already booked a bouquet for his darling. Oh... please don't think that I'm against this giving flowers on Valentine's Day. I recommend it strongly. Just don't over do it. Can make your wallet in coma for until next paycheck.

I don't have any plan yet. Maybe I just bring her to Garden Seafood Restaurant. Hope things will go smoothly.

Google on Valentine's Day :P


Valentine's Day 2008
Ain't that sweet?

Happy Valentine's Day.

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I know that you already read my post about the laptop that I recently bought for my wife and really disappointed with it. After few days adjusting to the new environment (Vista are quite different at first look), it seems that Vista are 85% like the previous Windows. Except that a few improvement and different layout. And now, I'm in love with this laptop.

I manage to get a copy of Vista compatible Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw and Pagemaker for my wife. No, not compatible to Vista but a newer version that compatible to Vista. I get them all for free!!! Heck I also manage to get Nero 8 and ACDSEE 9 FOC too. Wonder how I get it free? Just make full use of internet and you even can get free Windows cd key hehehheh......

Even though that I'm in love with the laptop, I can't, since I already given to my wife as a birthday present. Now I need my own. I almost got one for free but my lucky number didn't got lucky but instead different by one number. 8181 but show up as 8180 FIRST PRIZE!!!! Hmmm.... Hope get lucky next time.

Now my wife are happy since she can use her laptop already.
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What should you do while waiting for your SPM result?

I have a brother who just finished his SPM last year and he is waiting for his result this year.While he is at it, he do "college hunting". Trying to choose the best college that's suits to his needs and his ambition. If he is not doing his "college hunting", he will stay at home and watch tv.

I did give him some idea to fill up his time while waiting for the result. I guess this one also applicable to all SPM school leaver.

First the questions is.... Are you tired of surfing the internet aimlessly (yeah unless you aimlessly surf porn, kidding) and feeling dumb doing it? Do you often read others blog? Do you know who is (<<< I made this one up :P) The most important question before you answer these question to yourself, Do you know what blog is?

Most probably you know what blog is and sometimes you heard or read that they can earn money while happily blogging for their own things. Like or maybe you ever heard about a full time mum that earn more that your dad is earning money while staying full time at home.

My advise is, while you got plenty of time waiting for the result why don't you start a blog of your own? Maybe after you surf to their blog, most of you might think that they are problogger (only if you know what the meaning of this term) and you are just an ordinary person who didn't know about blogging at all. No. You also can do it. You don't have to be bombastic like them. You can blog about almost anything that you like. You can blog about your dogs or cats or you can go far by advertising your own talent such as in music or photography or maybe in writing. But I must warn you, if you are into politics, please do it at your own risk.

So now you want to take my advise and want to start a blog. You can get them free of charge at I recommend this because they didn't restrict you in displaying advertisement or participating in advertising company. Go there and register yourself and start blogging away... While you at it explore all the things in there. All of them are very useful.

Now you got a blog and you want to know how to earn from them. Have you ever heard about Adsense? just go to and register there. Be honest, I didn't know a thing about this adsense when I first join them. I did it on trial and error. Want to know more? Stay tune...

Need a solution for your financial reporting?. Visit them for more information.

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Angel sent from... above the nest?

Enough with ranting (and cursing), here is my newest addition for my own family, a bird. Small bird that not even know how to fly. Baby bird I guess. My wife found it and saved it from being feed to the dogs. She called it (we don't know if it's female or male) Angel.

Since last two days are festival day so we all know that shops are closed down so we have to feed it tiny piece of biscuit. I know it is seem so cruel but we try our best to feed it. We even try to feed it with rice but Angel seems don't like the taste if it. So today we go out to town and we are happy to see that the pets shop are open. I bought 2 cups of these, worth Rm4, for Angel.

Angel eat like there is no tomorrow and I have to limit 2 worms per 3 hours. I guess Angel were really hungry. I almost get worm phobia seeing these worm wriggling inside the bottle. We both hope Angel will survive and be a free bird soon.

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Disturbing CNY for me....

Yes indeed that this CNY worst than previous one. A person that I really hate the most (I hate him for the rest of my life and I curse the day that I know him) just come and visiting my house. Not only his presence were irritate me but the way he talk with his egoistic way really pissed me off. Pissed off my parents and more over, my wife.

While he is SELLING his story, I just walk in front of him staring him like the DEATH staring him and while he greet me with Kong Hei Fatt Choy, I just whack his head with a beer can that he drank, half full. Surprise? Well I tell you the truth if killing is legal, I shall kill him with my bare hand last night. Creating story that really hurt me and my wife and asking my parents for support. I swear if he ever step his foot on this house again, he will even see my darkest side of me!

(Don't argue me about taboo on CNY day. I understand and I did follow them. But when someone just walk in your house and try to create disturbance, you also will do what I do.)

Enough with that, I can say the earlier part of the day was so nice and I can say it suppose to be a very peaceful CNY for me. I did snapped some picture but i will post it up tomorrow. Yeah indeed I'm on my deadline for my task. So every one who need a boost for their business in marketing, you need this marketing pens. You can customized them for your need and give your customer the pens as a gift.

Cheers and have yourself A Merry Happy Chinese New Year

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My dissapointment about this laptop

I accidentally press enter while typing the 'title' and this post were published without any content >.<

Life been busy lately and I hardly can get enough time to update my blog. I did bought the laptop that I've blog about it at the last post but I have to admit, I really disappointed with this laptop. This laptop driver only support Windows VISTA and I can't install Windows XP into it. Everyone know that VISTA still new and not all program/software can be install to it. Surprisingly, I kinda like this operating system since it is almost identical to Macintosh but I guess Macintosh still rules... My wife like the OS but still, she want her favorite program such as Adobe Pagemaker, Coreldraw and Photoshop to be installed into the laptop. If not, she want to downgrade the laptop back to Windows XP. Dang.... I guess I just buy another laptop and just keep this laptop for my self.

Beautiful but .....(put your own words here)

My artistic shot.... (Konon lah)

My room are still in moving progress and it is almost finish. Except lots of things I must sort out and decide whether to throw away or just donate. I ran out of space to put lots of things even my SMALL tv don't have any space to sit down. What I really need now is a tv mount.

Don't let the big space fools you. I still need to put the scanner and the bulky printer on the table.

Oh.. by the way, I finished my latest jigsaw yesterday...

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My wife birthday

Her birthday are just 3 days ago but I didn't have time to do anything. Not even had the chance to bring her out on that day (that is 29th January) since I was too busy since our company HQ representative and also Dr Noordin Darus making their Project 773 road tour here and as the staff, we need to arrange lots of thing for them. Luckily, my wife are so sporting enough and just let me do my work first.

Do you remember about my Christmas wish list last year. I did include a laptop for my wife at the list but my bad, I still didn't get anything for her. I did made a 'laptop survey' at Karamunsing recently and already made up my mind two weeks ago to buy a cheap but good specification laptop for her. Unfortunately, the stock run out very quickly and I was told to wait until after Chinese New year so that I can get the particular laptop. I choose this one.

Definitely I won't buy it just like that. I will add another 2GB RAM that will cost another RM139

Until this morning.....

I got a call from a friend who works MICRONTM that their stock has arrived and there are two choices that I can make to now. Here is the other choice..

This baby cost more than the previous one but this one packed with Altec Lansing Speaker. I guess I shall choose this one and hope won't regret about it. Off I go to take my hard earn moolah that I save for rainy days.... This month really POKAI MONTH for me... ALAMAK! I just remember that CNY are just around the corner and I need to give out angpau this year and my cousin are more than a dozen. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Hope she will like it....


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Car Angel?

There are 99% chances that you never heard about Car Angel. Car Angel ( is a non-profit company that promoting about donating car so that you can donate car (your unused/unwanted car) to them. The car(s) then will be use to help single mothers, homeless, teen and adult rehab, food distribution and orphans. They don't just accepting car but also any vehicle, boat or trailer. Also they uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens. They have given away over 2.4 million videos. Just check this out - Money raised is used to make the videos! Below is one of the video sample:

There are good advantages for those who decide to donate their car (please don't send in your beloved car) such as :
  • Receive your IRS tax deduction for the automobile, RV, boat, plane, or trailer.
  • We do free vehicle pick-up, running or not! (restrictions apply).
  • Avoid the headaches of selling your Used Car -- no expensive want ads, taking phone calls, showing the car, or price haggling.
  • We have the nations fastest online response form and up to the minute tax advice.
  • We are honest and integrous: we'll handle title work and repair negotiations!

Their motto is "help us help others.!" So if you are not using that extra car, please donate it today!!!

** This one only applicable to US residents.

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