The new wardrobe...

I can't do anything today here at my office since we have to standby for a staff from Kuala Lumpur to make a visit at our office. So I take some time to update this blog.

Yesterday, my wife's wardrobe arrived. It's huge and almost touching the ceiling. Just see the picture below.

We manage to finished the room before Monday morning with all the painting and touch up painting too.

This window were painted by my wife. Except the top one lah since she admit openly that she is short. Hahaha.... The color she choose for the room are quite nice. Grayish blue with yellowish white. It's like baby color. I can't take a nice quality photo since my brother took the DSLR camera with him.

This one taken outside the room. My wife took her time to transfer all of our cloth last night while I was cooking for our dinner. Sorry, no photo from the dinner though.

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2 comments: said...

Wow.. oh so blue. Or is it the white balance...?

LeeJB said...

It is blue... I will post a good quality photo when my brother come back from China.