My recent trip to Kuala Lumpur

Here is all the photo I manage to capture during my short stint at Kuala Lumpur. 36 hours only :P

The view outside my room. KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower.

Different setting.

Night time.

My bos got us an executive room and complimentary for the room is 2 1/2 day of free access to internet and free breakfast and high tea at executive lounge. Free internet and we only stay there for 14 hour. Doh!

Executive lounge.

Another view of the lounge. Actually, our room are just above the lounge. So the view outside are just the same.

Me first time camwhore.

The lucky bastards. (Yeah that's include you , bos! Hehehhe!)

While I was there, I manage to get another bite of this lips smacking Nasi lemak at Mid Valley Food Court. Located at 3rd floor (3rd floor or 4th floor? I forgot) near the newspaper shop.

Fully loaded with high cholesterol. Try some...

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2 comments: said...

Oh.. so you guys stayed at Cititel lah this? What did you do lah.. meeting only kah?

LeeJB said...

Not Cititel. Boulevard Hotel. Yup meeting only. I'm really lucky bastard hehehhe.....