My blog, lucky trait and jigsaw puzzle

I found out that when I check my blog from others computer than mine, the alignment of this blog are totally out. I guess I should change to Wordpress. I still considering to rent hosting but I must admit I'm quite dumb in hosting, uploading and installing the Wordpress. Also not to mention on configuring the code for the HTML. Not only they (the coding job) gave me headache but also a migraine. I don't mind parting some money for a good hosting and the most worshiped WORDPRESS as long all my reader got a nice view of my blog. That's why I said, once you start to blog and got some income from it, you will never look back.

I guess I need help from those who already go through it. Hmmm.. I've got one name in my mind now.

For my post about my wife won a lottery last Saturday (only for a small amount though), the number is 1650. It was totally random number that she quickly think while buying the ticket. Actually, some people who got the "eye of seeing luck" always say that my wife got the luck trait on her face. They also say that who ever marry her, the future husband will eventually become rich. I really hope their reading are true. Manatau lah kan.... (Just in case).

Also today, I manage to mount up the fish jigsaw puzzle that I recently finished on the wall. Lucky for my friend that the wall beside his table are the most suitable to put it up.

Nice setting.

As for my latest jigsaw puzzle project, this is the most confusing jigsaw puzzle that I ever encounter. No progress for it though...

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Edgar said...

if you do, please share with me when we yum cha some time.