Lucky day for my wife...

I'm a bit late to blog about this one.All that I can say that today is her lucky day.

The story goes like this. Last night, while I was checking my email and showing her the recent opportunity that I got from a blogging advertising, she take out a small piece of paper and ask me to go and ask me to check certain number. So I go to the web page and saw this.

She show me the piece of paper and ask me to check it out while she say if she lucky, she want to buy a new wardrobe for our new room.

I just blurt out "Nah kana Rm200!". She say " Mau juga ka kasi dangar orang?!". She smile and ask me to take her out to survey new wardrobe for her.

So the next day we cash out her winning ticket at Lintas. I did ask her to cash it out herself but she insist that I go. So I went to the shop and show the attendant there the ticket and she ask me "Mau beli ini number ka atau mau ambil duit!?" (Want to buy this number again or you want to cash or out?). "Ambil duit bah..."(Cash out money).

So off we went to survey a new wardrobe and to make story short, she wanted to buy a wardrobe that is more that Rm200. She want a 3 door wardrobe that cost Rm750. So as a loving husband (cewah!!<<< I got this from Kay Kastum) I have to fork out another Rm550.(Another Rm550 flies away.......)

The moral of the story, she has a VERRY LUCKY day. And maybe I should change the post title "Lucky Day For My Wife, Pokai Day For Me"

Luckily she didn't ask me to bring her to wholesale fashion jewelry store. Well, who knows....

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2 comments: said...

A loving husband you are indeed!
Must be your 'ong' number ey?

LeeJB said...

Nope. Not ong number. It is totally random number. I give a blog about it later on.