First post of the year 2008

I'm 'gatal tangan' to post up something today and now it's 15 minutes to zero hour of 2 January 2008. Well at least, I can post up anything that I want. :P

Well my life been busy lately and no time to blog hopping and leaving comments on others blog ( I'm sorry for that) to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I really appreciate those who come and leave comments here. I will try to post up the "missing" days.

My new year celebration is not as grand as others that I read through their blog but this year, I celebrate it with my family. This is first time as I can remember. Driving up to Papar at 9 pm and return back at 12.30 am. Damn tired because just finish helping my dad renovating my new room and forcing myself driving with a migraine.

Well that all for tonight. I will resume tomorrow. :P
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