What's your favourite Chrismas tune?

I've been blog hopping and my "dry" and tired eyes catch this one from Charlene Diane. I guess I should blog about this one as well.

Listed here is the "I like!" list

Have your self a merry little Christmas.

Reminds me that I never really celebrate Christmas in a big way.

I'll be home for Christmas

Would like to dedicate this song for Donald too.. (This one is at my top 5 Christmas Songs)

Chestnut Roasting On An Open Fire

I don't have any particular reason why I like this song, but listening to this song really brings lots of memory to me.

What about you?

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MeL said...

Hey Joy, nice one! :) Ko nda ingat sia kali, but I remember you! Met you during your time working with uncle Leonard in Lintas! Hehe.. tu time sia p visit uncle leonard and lyane :) But that was soooo looong ago laaa!