Want to watch movie online for free?

I've been doing payperclick (that is Donkeymails.com again) things again since I've been smack down by BigG and saw this website in one of their advertisement. An online movie website!!!

Gone are that days that we have to download before watching them. At last, we can save lot of moolah from driving in the cinema , parking tickets, movie tickets and popcorn. :P

I've not yet fully discover this site but you can make a move a head from me since I don't have much time now to try their service. The only down side that I may experience now is, you must have a faster connection to watch them.

Now I'm trying to watch this Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium movies. Yes, they divide this thing to four part so that it's easier to download to your temporary space before you can view them. Errrr.. did I mention download again? Ops... that's another downside. Hehehhe... And yet, another downside, no popcorn at home. Unless you got popcorn machine at home. :P

* I don't encourage any pirates activities here but you see, gov are not supportive to their people by trying to make things a little bit cheaper, they even try to make the price higher. Just see car prices and soon to be high price fuel (or maybe our fuel subsidies being taken back). Yes, it is really disappointing me because Sabah are one of the state which produce petroleum and we STILL have to pay higher prices for them so that they can get rich. Stupid orang perintah!!! :P Another thing, Sabah are the place where you can find rejected China product abundantly.

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napaboaniya said...

Great site, connection is fast with no long time of buffering.
Here's another site which I find pretty good www dot crunchyroll dot come
:) Enjoy and have a great 2008!!!