Thoughts to ponder

"As Soul, you are like a balloon that rises above the ground. The higher you go, the farther you can see.
And the farther you can see, the better you can plan your life."

Well, my life been hectic in a few days. Wanted to update but, I have to say this one honestly, usually my post will take up to 2-3 hours preparation time before I can post it up. Just look at the amount of the picture that I upload for you to see. Also the time consumed to edit it for just a bit. (I have to put watermark to my picture so YOU cannot steal it. Hahaha...)

Also now since I already joined up the Christmas caroling this year, my fishing time and also my leisure time already been taken by it.

I wanted to finish up my post on my mushroom course but I still haven't yet taken the Course Certificate photo. I will do it tonight if there is no company meeting tonight. So for those who still waiting for it, just wait patiently.

Last night, I went to the caroling practice and we manage to record some carols singing for my buddy that decided not to come back to Sabah this year. I hope he won't shed any tears seeing the recordings.

"Those living the high spiritual life are the knowers, not believers.
There is a world of difference between knowing and believing."
Now my Christmas mood are 'on'. :P

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