Sutera Harbour Carols By The Candlelight 2007

Well, this is what I manage to get. I only have Sony DHC-H1 in my hand and now, see what is the result.

Me and my brother reach here quite early and we are snapping while we go around to find good food.

They selling food as part of the donation drive.

The lightning are just wonderful but not too friendly for photographer.

Selling Christmas novelty.

Guess who is in the picture? I also met Julian and Jefferi here.

Here they sell Banana fritters wrapped in popiah skin. Taste good! But too oily.

They are moving too fast!

I didn't know where and which church they came from...

Part of Stella Maris Church carolers.

Puppet show. Meet the Froggie. (Are you sure you are not Kermit?)

Half human puppet. Weird!

Wonderful? Or just awesome?

Puppet version of Whitney Houston. See the BIG lips blowing saxophone.

Singing carols in Kadazan language.

The main singers.

They singing the last songs and soon after this...

The carolers went berserk...

wishing others Merry Christmas.

p/s : This entry are dedicated to Donald Ambrose.

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Murphy said...

You are also using Sony DSC-H1 camera? I love it most of the time. But when come to low light, i really hate the noise that it produces...

josie said...

Merry Xmas ....