Short update...

I've been busy with all the caroling and the Gaya Christmas Celebration for the past few days. I can't take any photo since my hands are fully occupied with guitar and pick so there will be no photo for the Gaya Christmas Celebration that I myself take. If there is any, that would be from my brother.

This few day also have been hectic days for me since I have to make some makeover to my room and since I have to clear most of the things inside my room, my table ( that include my pc) have to be disassemble. So no more blogging from my pc for a couple of weeks. I also take leave until Christmas day so that the renovation can be finish before New Year. Now, I blogging using my office laptop. :D The bad new is, I forgot to take along the charger. Sigh...

If there is some interesting things happen to me, I will keep you update. So, just stay tune.

Today, we will sing carols again at Gaya Christmas Celebration ( I said today since NOW it's 1.29 am). So for those who have not yet got the Christmas spirit, just go and join us. Just be there around 7.00. See you there.

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