A peek at Gaya Street Christmas Celebration preparation

I just came back from some practice with the musician for the Gaya Street Christmas celebration at Tanjung Aru Plaza. Now I know that I can't play music well at afternoon :P. I guess a can of Tiger Beer will do just fine for me tonight for the rehearsal.

Here some sneak peek for the preparation at Gaya Street.

This is where the choir will stand up and sing.

Also here. The area are quite big but there will be 80 people will stand and sing here.

Front view.

Musician place. Haridass, our drummer. He also perform at local pub. Also a Beatle fan.

Catch us tomorrow night.

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Pirut said...

oww.. terfikir aku.. pa yg dibuat di sana.. rupanya itu pula yer.. :D I'll check it out..either i can join or not.. :D

budakhutan said...

wah... ko men gitar ntuk that event ka? uiseh... teh tarik madras betul! ahakz...good luck pren..