The process of changing domain

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in the process of changing and transferring my domain. Little I know that it will affect my PR ranks and also my Alexa ranks.

For the past 2 month, I have been doing sponsored post and manage to get enough money to get a domain. So if you want to earn some from blogging join Smorty by clicking the ads below. It will bring you to the joining page. Also not forgetting PayPerPost that also part of the company that paid me through sponsored post.

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I decided to get one at at USD9.99. As you can see from my previous post, I also manage to get discount from by trying to get coupon, online. You can easily get one, just go to your favorite search engine and search “online coupon codes” or you can get specific just search “GoDaddy online coupon code”. To make that easier for you, I already put Google Search on top of this blog. Just make full use of it.

Keep this code and when you almost check out to purchase the domain that you want, enter the code. It’s a bit complicated to read all terms and condition and, always, they will offer you lots of things that might interest you but the more you add, the more you have to pay. I suggest you that you keep on doing the sponsored post until you can afford the “hosting” too since using WordPress is a bit nicer than using

Don’t get excited that you already registered your domain and hope that it will be approved in an instant. You have to wait in about 3-4 hour for it to get registered. Just look at my previous post about this.

About changing my domain from to, what I did is I just refer to It is useless if I retype it here I just give you the link here. Give it a good read before you proceed to do anything.

Be warned that if you do all this, you will lose all the PR ranks and also Alexa ranks. To be honest, I’m prepared to sacrifice my PR1 blog than have to sacrifice PR3 blog just to change the domain.

p/s: I will post about how to "web crawl" your blog after you change the domain.

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