New Vacuum Cleaner for my office

I have to buy one for my office since the one that we always use already meet the "God of Electronic" (DEAD in short word). Bought it at Karamunsing last night for RM260.

Big and bulky.

Cute and it is pink. RIP (Rest In Pieces) in about 3-4 hours by me.

Hello new vacuum. Lets call it R2D2. Hey, it looks like one.

I love this part. Assembling electric machines. Look the innards if the vacuum. Clean as a baby.

Installing the legs.

This is how the legs looks like.

Have to use this small spanners that has been included with the legs.


Say hello to you new master, R2D2. "Hello My Master. shall we do some vacuuming now, Master? I see your office need some cleaning." No, you stay there and wait for the cleaner to come and use you. "Alright ,Master. Buli bah kalau kau, Master" Eh, pandai cakap malayu pula kau ni.

Now, bos, where is my claim? No extra ka? Minum kopi pun buli bah.....

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Zainijimmy said...

he he he .. bukan self automated ka tue R2D2 tue? hehe

LeeJB said...

"My"self automated... Kalau automated punya memang mahal tu...