Money, money, money. Must be funny.....

I need some cash to kick start my mushroom project. I will need at lest 4 acre of vacant land. I need a small pickup truck to transport my mushroom to my buyer. I also need extra cash to buy mushroom seed and also things to grow them. Not forgetting wood, nails, cement and lots of thing that needed to build mushroom house. Oh my, it does have to be lots of money this time. Loans are what I need.

I’ve been thinking lately about how to start this project but I still stuck with this “evil” thing, which is money. People at UK are very lucky to have They provide good loans that we Malaysia never saw.

No I will never resort to loan from Ah Long (illegal money lender in Malaysia). Doing that is like putting a noose around your head. Have to keep collecting money now.

For those who needs "Unsecured loans" or home owner who need "Homeowner loans" also can contact them. I wonder if I can get their services too...

p/s: Dad, can I loan from you ? :D

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