Kursus Cendawan Tiram Kelabu (KPD): Day Two (Ending Part)

View at the Mushroom Farm.

Measurement to determine the grade for the Shiitake Mushroom

Sorting out the grade.

Boiler for the sterilizer machine.

Ribu-ribu leher hahahha. Thousand of plastic neck for the mushroom media bag.

Steel cage for the sterilizing process.

Workers putting the mix saw dust to the mixer.

As usual the group photo. After this, we received our complimentary trial Media Bag full with mycelium so that we can grow our Oyster Mushroom back home.
Then off we go to one of the KPD contract farmer. Kira mau balik lah ni.

Nah... Free gift... (We all already paid Rm300 for this course)

The shiitake mushroom farm at Kg Tomis Kiulu, Tuaran.

New Mushroom house in the making. Worth Rm14 thousand.

The papan tanda infront of the Farm. Don't let the starting year fools you.

40 thousand of media bag. This only part of it.

This one also part of it.

See, I already said don't let the starting year fools you. Felicia Dambu. She only in her twenty's. And available. :P

She take over this farm from her ailing father.

KPD giving some present to her for granting us to visit her farm....

See told you, if other people take picture, memang disaster!!!

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