Kursus Cendawan Tiram Kelabu (KPD): Day Two (Part 3)

Another part of the Mushroom Shade.

This is how they manage their Mushroom House.

This one, we curi-curi masuk.

This should be newly built one. Just look at the rack. Masi bau kedai wohhh.... Hehehe... Kidding.

Half filled Mycelium.

Mould Fire. (Serangan Kulat Jingga) (Neurospora spp)

Too late to be harvest. Inda sedap suda. (Taste not so good)

Also this one.

And this one.

Ha! This one are the great one. Baby oyster mushroom. Some sort like baby kailan lah.

Modified kereta surung (cartwheel) to transport the media bag.

I don't know this kind of penyakit.

The recommend rack.

Modified cartwheel filled with media bag.

We trespassing one of the mushroom house and take this picture. Featuring Mr Stephan. :P

This one is not toilet ah... This one to dip your shoe so the kuman under the tapak kasut will be dead. (End of part 3)

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