Kursus Cendawan Tiram Kelabu (KPD): Day Two (Part 1)

Day two was the hardest for me. I almost fall asleep soon after waking up. The weather was so nice to sleep. :P Manage to go there early and also taking my early breakfast at Tanjung Aru town. As soon I get there, the bus are already waiting.

I didn't take any photo during the journey but I have to complain that the bus are NOT FIT to climb up the Crocker Range. Below is the evident.

Have to get off the bus and walk about 50 meters before the bus gain it's momentum to climbup the road to Mesilau.

Just look at the smoke came out from the exhaust.

This is the discarded media bag. actually, the bus driver didn't know the way to the KPD Mushroom Farm. We lost our way not only once but twice.

We arrived a bit late and we almost missed our supposedly breakfast. This photo taken around 11.30 am.

The mixer machine.

Mixed sawdust as the media bag substrates.

Inside the mixer.

They used 2 mixer for the media beg packing. The machine worth around Rm30 thousand.

Media bag. (Beg media)

Four workers packing the media bag.

Here, all the packing works are fully automated except putting the plastic 'neck'.

Sterilizing the medium inside the sterilizer machine.

Puan Jamilah explaining how the process are handled.

Puan Margaret explaining how to seeding the beds with spawn.

Mushroom spawn/seed in bottle. KPD will sell it to public RM10 each bottle. Each bottle can be used for 10 media bag (or bed).

Part of the Seeding tools. Seeding is the most crucial process that determine if your bed will successful or not. The explanation are long so I just say, here, hygiene are very crucial here.

The seeding process.

Sterilizing the tools.

Putting the spawn/seed into the bed/media beg.

Practical training. :PAfter the seeding process, this is the place where the seeded bed/media bag are placed to maintaining optimal temperature, moisture, and other conditions for mycelium growth.

Inside the mushroom shade.

Look there, baby mushroom.

Ain't they cute? :P (End of part 1)

Somebody, help me. How do I put up the slide show from Flickr or Photobucket to this blog? The process of uploading is killing me!!!

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Zainijimmy said...

waw..very interesting .. but i think the bus shud be sent to kedai besi buruk oredi la hehhe..ada ka jalan kaki lagi...

err..i culdnt help with the slideshow thinngie la hehhe..never done it before

Deana E said...

wow..next you be cendawan taukey.btw, how to join this kind of course?

swordie said...

who booked the bus?... you all should 'ketuk' his/her head... lucky not fit to climb only... imagine if not fit to go down hill...

LeeJB said...

Zaini: Yup, should hantar jual pi kedai jual besi buruk hahahha...

Deana e: I also hoping that I can become a mushroom tauke in the future. For the start, now I need to find a vacant land (Kalau dapat free lagi bagus :P ) Just rajin2 surf at their website www.sabah.gov.my/kpd . They will post up the latest Course that they will organize.

Swordie : Hehhe... Kalau not fit to go down, this post will never be published hehhe....