Kursus Cendawan Tiram Kelabu (KPD): Day One

Mushroom Farming Course By Koperasi Pembangunan Desa (Ngam kah translation? Hehhe...)

My gosh, I always thought before I go this course, I don't have any friend to talk to during the course. Luckily I 'terserempak' with a friend who attend Mandarin Class that I took last year. Mr. Stephan and also his friend from Sandakan. I forgot to ask his name :p

Actually I was being reminded to bring my course fee receipt but I totally forgot to bring it because I was rushing to my office to take my jacket. I know it will be cold inside the course room and now it is raining season (3-4 days straight now in Kota Kinabalu). I almost late to the course place because I take the wrong route and stuck in the morning jam.

My day one attending the course.

My Stuff during the course

I think this post won't complete if I didn't post up this picture too.

Group photo before we started our course. Quite weird to take group photo before the course ended. I think because they don't want to missed out those who chose to 'escape' after the visit to the mushroom farm in Kundasang tomorrow.

Puan Jamilah Lee. Speaker from Koperasi Pembangunan Desa (KPD). Don't ask me why her name like that. By the way, I think she is Chinese.

Puan Normah Ibrahim. Also our speaker from PutraJaya, Mushroom expert.

Ling Zhi product from KPD. Good for health but taste like hell... ( Bitter man!!)

Viewing some of the product that made from mushroom (Oyster Mushroom)

Well I have to get my sleep early because I have to wake up early tomorrow so that I won't moss my bus to the Mushroom Farm in Kundasang. We will be leaving 7.00 am and hope we can go to Papar to visit one of the previous participant mushroom farm.

This mushroom called Cendawan Berangan or Chestnut Mushroom. But if we translate direct from Bahasa Malayisa/Melayu to english, we called it Dreamy Mushroom. Why don't they just called it Magic Mushroom :P.

Next picture is a disaster. I don't take picture like this ah.... ( Look at the photo, miring ohhhh....)

Got my face lagi tu... -_-

I manage to convert one person to Blogger cult today. Hehehe....

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Zainijimmy said...

wah..very interesting .. but i want to ask u lah...if the mushroom actually have fixed buyer? or we have to sell them ourself? like the rubber,we have the LIGS as fixed buyer kan..

sound very interesting woo, i might enroll for the course then :P

LeeJB said...

I'm still not quite sure but I will ask them this question tomorrow. If you are KPD Contract Farmer, they will buy the product from you but the price quite low lah. You also can sell it your self (if you are NOT KPD Contract farmer). Sell it on 'tamu' or supply it to supermarket. I can say, the demand for this mushroom are quite big and sure enough, there will be no problem to start this business.

I recommend you to enroll the course because I've seen people make mushroom shade under rubber tree. DXN (a well known company) do this.

Good thing about this mushroom and KPD, you can get INCENTIVE (not loan) up to RM10,000 from the gov. But still got terms and condition lah.

Any inquiries, I will post up the contact number for KPD Mushroom Department. Even I will post up the direct number to order the Mushroom seedling (We called it Media Bag) which is priced RM1.20 each (one bag) not included the transportation fee. The price is roughly RM1.40 each if I want them to send to Papar or KK (this is only for reference).

Zainijimmy said...

oo..many² thanks to u... i actually watched the mushroom farm at kundasang on tv..RTM 1-agro journal so i know how it look like .. but i'll be waiting for ur next post lah .. gud luck!

Kay Kastum said...

Sounds like the future is bright man!

swordie said...

cool... itu mushroom manis2 tu... sia rasa KPD should do program kerjasama... tapi mungkin ada sudah... diorang kasi sedia itu benih, baja dan lain-lain, petani akan sediakan kawasan dan terima loan untuk bikin shade... then diorang contract beli semua dari petani... dan tolak certain percentage untuk bayar balik benih, baja dan loan... KPD ada prgoram macam tu kah?

One question... sia rasa kawasan kebun getah mimang sesuai... tapi kalu kawasan di KK buli kah tu? Mau kawasan sejuk juga kah? tulung gia ko tanya tu KPD...

LeeJB said...

Kay : It really good indeed. Now I'm looking for suitable land to at least start a little and learn their behavior.

swordie : Sia akan kemukakan soalan ni bersama2 soalan Zaini. Saya rasa sia sudah jawablah tu soalan En. Zaini...

LeeJB said...

Dei, sia cakap melayu pun macam tu penceramah lah sudah hahaha....

kay kastum said...

Where in KK? (Land)

stephan said...

cantik betul gambar aku joy...:)... aku dah order 500 beg ini hari maybe early januari baru dapat...untung-untung