Exclusive view on High Tides Phenomenon

It should be a peaceful night for me but when my wife got an sms from her relative telling her that the sea water level rise until almost to the knee at Petagas, she insist that I should go out take photos and blog about it. So today there is no mushroom update yet.

I'm not so good on narrating so I just put the photo (picture paints a thousand word kan? :P ) So here we go.

This one taken near my house. The water level already naik.

See the house already being flooded by the sea water.

This one also.

Nah... the policeman already got here. So now we are heading to Taman Sempelang, Tanjung Aru.

Taken near Tanjung Aru Town.

Along the big 'longkang'. See the water level. Some of the house here already flooded.

Near the Coastal Highway and Sutera Harbour.

Another photo.

Yet, another photo.

Part of the road already wet. Habis lah my car this... Salty sea water lagi this..

After this we headed to famous Tanjung Aru Beach.

Flooded already. The wave also very strong.

Note the wave.

After this, we headed back to Kampung Tanjung Aru Baru to steal picture there.

Look at the water level.

A close shot.

Sempat senyum lagi. You can see here, lots of 'pilaks' resides here but the Orang Perintah still deny it.

Kecoh - kecoh tengok air naik lohhhh.... Some of the talk that I heard from the villagers, "Nah keluar newspaperlah kita bisuk", "Alala, menyesal sia inda pakai bagus-bagus tadi, ensem juga keluar newspaper", "Nah rugi lah kita ni, nah, habis lah speaker basar ko kana hanyut".

My wife friend, Margaret, say that she believes that her house already collapsed. The wave is so strong even her kitchen table toppled over by the strong wave.

Rescued by the Fireman.

Actually, I really disappointed because I don't know how to shoot this kind of environment. Taken 100 shot but only like 40 are useful. Every time, the picture came out blur and dark. Need more money to buy SUPER STRONG spot light.

p/s : Someone thought that I am a reporter but I just said I'm not a reporter. I guess, even I'm a reporter, I won't disclose it. :P So for those who terrer to take picture in this kind of environment (or anything you called it), tonight is your last chance. There will be high tides tonight, climax's at 11.30 P.M.

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Murphy said...

it is normal if u shoot in the dark. coz the camera can't "see" clearly so it can't focus accurately. u have already done a good job. great coverage!

Zainijimmy said...

OMG .. take care bernard hehe..bahaya woo tht..

Edgar said...

with that camera of yours memang la.

i think you need better flash. lighting is key. who am i anyways, i'm not even a photographer. hehe.