Deepavali holiday

Went to my father side grandfather/kungkung and grandmother/popo grave since we missed the All Souls Day. I didn't take any photo there since I only bring my hp and no camera. We cleaned a bit both of the grave ( Both my grandparents were buried side by side, but not exactly side by side, but my popo grave is 'top' side of my kungkung grave).

After that, my family and I went to my late grandmother house to visit my aunt that still stayed there.

Plain old house. No paint since the house were build.

The dog who shy to greet us.

My brother attempt to pick the mango.

Few after this shot were taken, I take over the job and successfully pick few mangoes. And also successfully stepping on a used diaper "fully loaded". What a luck day!

My cousins fishing at the stream.

Waiting for ikan karuk.

I wanted to joined this but I have to cross a barb wire that rather low for me to cross unless I am skinny enough to "limbo rock" it.

Look at the dog at the balcony. This shot taken just before we went back.

p/s: I went to fishing last saturday night. Braving the rain and thunderstorm, this is the reward. Nice huh?

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kay kastum said...

It's really nice to 'balik kampung'. Really brings back great memories and stuff.