A day in a life....

I’m typing this post while I’m doing backup to my laptop (this is where I do my blogging the most). I need some clear out all the junk that I save in this laptop. There are lots of jpeg files and mp3 files that most are downloaded but rarely being played or view by me. I wanted to burn all the files (or junk I may called it) straight from my laptop DVD burner but this laptop are so lousy that it will only burn at 2x speed. Takes 50 minutes to one hour to burn one DVD in condition the DVD drive won’t die on me.

For this few day, I’ve been reading lots of post about PR (Page Rank in the full name) that recently have been recheck or re review back by Google. I wanted to ask a question? Are this PR ranking are really important? I don’t want to give any answer because I know that I still new in this blogging, I don’t have the right to say about this and maybe you can provide me an answer. I do know that PR will affect your opportunity in paid link such as PPP, TLA, Smorty etc. What I understand that the higher PR that you get, the more opportunity you get it and there will be more lucrative offer that will be offered to you. All of this goes back to the most basic in blogging. Spend your time to write lots of quality post.

I have to admit that some times I don’t have the time or the idea to post anything. Most of the time, I just felt that I just post up something crap. Or maybe it is just me that thinking like that. Well, to hell with it. I will just go BLOGGING for what I like. So don’t be bored by me by posting up something that others won’t.

If you looking for a serious money making blog, there are a handful of Malaysian blogger that you must really read. Here are two of the link that I will provide but for more, you need to blog hopping (one of the tips that you must learn to get exposure for your blog :) )

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