Dedicated for my best friend who choose not to go back to Sabah this Christmas.

I have a friend whom I've been knowing for about 15 years ago. He is nerdy when I first know him but changed to super duper ultra playboy exceeding my own super playboy (last time lah :P ). I better not to start the whole story. Even 10 day and 10 night, this story cannot finish. Also not to mention, he is also my neighbor. So this post dedicated to Donald Ambrose Frenando Angkangon.

Donald Frenando Ambrose Angkangon. 24 and still available :P .

During our Genting Trip recently. Sorry, we can't join you to the theme park.

I know you will not coming back this Christmas. So to make you cry at night thinking how good it is if you are in Sabah right now, I will post something for you to reminiscing. Even few of the post during this December will be also dedicated to you.

For a start, last night we are having our small gathering at Restorant Salim II at Lintas. Kevin Wong who work at Singapore just went back to KK for holiday and miss us so much, he decided to arrange a small gathering. So this is who turn up for last night.

*Edit- this gathering are for our ex-primary school mate only. Can say our very close friends lah.*

Clifford Darwin and Joey Abah (aka Joy A, And me known as Joy B)

Yusrizal Yusuf (goat breeder, I guess) and Zahir Abdulrahman - Sabah VFm Deejay

Cindy, Norafida and Kevin Wong

I've taken a super ugly shot of Cindy and she force me to delete it on the spot (hehhe...) So in favor to delete the super ugly shot, she agree to take another picture. Here Cindy and Nora. The Supermodel of the day.

Kevin and Caroline aka workaholic girl. If you hear her story, buli gila ohh....

Kelzed A Staun. Our eligible bachelor. Status- unknown.

The super bida shot.

And now another part that can make you leave a *&%$#@ comment on the Chat box. Feel free to do that Don. :P

Neil Mah, our choir master at Stella Maris Church, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, singing Ray Of Hope, a Christmas song (also going to be our carolling song).

p/s: Since I'm so free now, I even want to post up this photo of you, my gay partner!!! (Kidding!!! Hahahha....)

So anybody want his phone number?

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Kursus Cendawan Tiram Kelabu (KPD): Day Two (Ending Part)

View at the Mushroom Farm.

Measurement to determine the grade for the Shiitake Mushroom

Sorting out the grade.

Boiler for the sterilizer machine.

Ribu-ribu leher hahahha. Thousand of plastic neck for the mushroom media bag.

Steel cage for the sterilizing process.

Workers putting the mix saw dust to the mixer.

As usual the group photo. After this, we received our complimentary trial Media Bag full with mycelium so that we can grow our Oyster Mushroom back home.
Then off we go to one of the KPD contract farmer. Kira mau balik lah ni.

Nah... Free gift... (We all already paid Rm300 for this course)

The shiitake mushroom farm at Kg Tomis Kiulu, Tuaran.

New Mushroom house in the making. Worth Rm14 thousand.

The papan tanda infront of the Farm. Don't let the starting year fools you.

40 thousand of media bag. This only part of it.

This one also part of it.

See, I already said don't let the starting year fools you. Felicia Dambu. She only in her twenty's. And available. :P

She take over this farm from her ailing father.

KPD giving some present to her for granting us to visit her farm....

See told you, if other people take picture, memang disaster!!!

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Picture of the day

Finally BigG love me so much.... PR9!!!

No lah, it just a glitch that I always thought that my page rank are like that. :(

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I want to go to China....

Now with Christmas almost nearing, my wish list getting larger and thicker (I can make a book already). My parents planning a vacation to China this December joining a tour and planned to visit lots of historic places such as Forbidden City and Great Wall of China. My dad works at Malaysia Airlines and guess what, he can get HUGE discount for him and his darling (That is my mum :P)

I wanted to join but again guess what, I have to pay full fare for the return ticket. Last time I check the fare, it was like RM3000++ per person. NUTS! Certainly, I must get a budget for Hotel Reservations too! That must be exceeding RM10K. There goes my vacation. *Sigh*

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Kursus Cendawan Tiram Kelabu (KPD): Day Two (Part 3)

Another part of the Mushroom Shade.

This is how they manage their Mushroom House.

This one, we curi-curi masuk.

This should be newly built one. Just look at the rack. Masi bau kedai wohhh.... Hehehe... Kidding.

Half filled Mycelium.

Mould Fire. (Serangan Kulat Jingga) (Neurospora spp)

Too late to be harvest. Inda sedap suda. (Taste not so good)

Also this one.

And this one.

Ha! This one are the great one. Baby oyster mushroom. Some sort like baby kailan lah.

Modified kereta surung (cartwheel) to transport the media bag.

I don't know this kind of penyakit.

The recommend rack.

Modified cartwheel filled with media bag.

We trespassing one of the mushroom house and take this picture. Featuring Mr Stephan. :P

This one is not toilet ah... This one to dip your shoe so the kuman under the tapak kasut will be dead. (End of part 3)

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