What I do today?

Nothing much that I do today except doing a 'casing' transplant for a slightly chipped RX-Water machine.

This is the new set and I have to take all of the 'intestine' out and attempt to take the serial number sticker without ripping it.

The intestine

Empty Rx-Water casing

The set that I need to change the casing.

The underside.

My attempt to 'pry' open the sticker. Well, it was successful and I totally forgot to take the picture of it. Anyway below are the sample of the things after installing all of the things back.

See, the water quality are not enough clean for us to just use it straight from the tap.

Anyway, this is my first try on 'weathering' my model plane. Using the Silver pen that I bought at stationary shop near my office.

Almost like real but only in the picture. By the way, the pen that I use are not suitable for the 'weathering'. The paint were too thick and will hide the plane rivet detail.

p/s: My bos are so kind today and give us each a Durian cake. Since we don't have a fridge, we have to switch the aircond temperature to the coldest. Now I'm freezing cold. 16'C. Fan on full blast. Nuts!!!

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Kay Kastum said...

I like your boss.

LeeJB said...

The cake already gone. Finish in about 30 minutes by 6 people in the house. Three layer of durian flesh inside the cake. Yummy...