USD 1 = Rm3.36

Today, on the news, Ringgit hit a 10-year high yesterday, matching its December 197 peak 3.3600 against the green-back, as US dollar continued to fall globally. Finally we reach our old glorious and prosperous year. It’s kind of luxury, you know.

But I think, it’s not like last 10 years where fuel (a.k.a petrol and diesel) is cheaper and things are also at reasonable price. Now even necessity things also at exorbitant price. Blame it to the government. We produce crude oil but we have to pay higher to get processed oil. Following the oil price, traders also have to raise their product price and hit directly to consumer. But government sector are luckier. Now and then, the salary will be raise and soon, follow the prices at shops. Those who work at private sector, doom to be miskin (poor) until the next life.

Well, it’s more like a rant but this is the truth.

Much more, bad news for blogger who earn at USD, that we (blogger) earn slightly less now than they (I have not yet join their club :P ) earn last 7-8 months ago.

So, happy blogging.

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