Update on my father car

I suppose to update and post up something yesterday but I was too tired and my eyes can’t really fully open last night (imagine, Garfield). This is what happens if you don’t get enough sleep.

So this is what happens to me yesterday. I escape from my work to accompany my father to search a set of new rims for his car. The car performance was totally different from it's previous that I last sent the car to the workshop for the upgrade.

Let me post up the picture of the whole progress of the upgrade.

The old engine. When you press the clutch pedal, you can hear knocking sound. There are once, the gear kick back from 1st gear to Neutral when I was driving down from CenterPoint car park.

This is the half cut that I manage to find. 4A61T. I can say it's rare engine. (Sorry, I didn't upload the front view picture. I have it but it is at my home pc)

The some of the parts that have been take out from the half cut.

'New' engine have been installed.

Rear disk break. Cost my dad RM600 for it.

Close up on the disk. Actually my dad reluctant to install this but the mechanic insist my father to put t since he really concern our safety since this engine is really powerful and fast.

Test up rim.

Slick tyre with super wide rim.

Front disk break. This comes with the half cut.

At the wheels shop, Bundusan.

Imagine seeing me driving the car with 3 different kind of rims and tyre. Maybe, those who saw me might say that I'm a cheapskate.

First rim installed.

Whole sets installed. The problem are not yet settle as the rear rims still touching the rear mud guard.

Cutting the rear mud guard.

Close up on the process.

The exhaust. (Note the dog sleeping under the car)

p/s Today I really pissed of with some one.

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Edgar said...

is the super wide rims comes in pairs? I WANT I WANT!

Edgar said...

is the super wide rim come in a pair?
i want i want!


LeeJB said...

Edgar: Sorry, the rims are not mine. Those are taken from one of the car that has been repaired at the workshop.

Zainijimmy said...

hoih .. pass jpj juga ka tue? turbo engine kan waaa..

LeeJB said...

Zaini: The mechanic cakap buli pass. Sebab 1.6 ja. Kalau 2.0 Memang inda kena pass tu. Lagi pun ada runner tolong kasi register.

Edgar said...


any more of that engine ah? mo pasang with my wira..