Smorty, makes blogging exciting!

Have you heard Smorty? If you have been heard about paid for blog, get paid for blogging or the ultimate one, Blog for Money, definitely the site is for you. As other blog advertiser, Smorty also have the same function that is connecting advertisers with blogger. In a short word, the advertisers will pay the blogger just to write opinion post and link to the advertiser site.

The registration is straight forward and if I’m not mistaken, you can almost immediately participate in their campaign soon after your blog site have been review and been accepted. So this is my first assignment and as you can see, it is really simple. Definitely this is one of the way that I can find sponsor for my coming own domain. Hope it will, sooner.

If you find blogging are no fun, try Smorty, you will not see blogging in the same way anymore.

My advise, better make it fast now before they change their mind!!!

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Azel Kilheeny said...

I did registered to smorty some time back but was rejected due to no pagerank. Not sad about it though, just tried my luck and to see what it's about!

Azel Kilheeny said...

Can find any other way to contact you lar. Anyway, I have change my blog address to (got new blog design too! hehehe) and I appreciate if you could update it. TQ

LeeJB said...

Azel Kilheeny, I will update it straight away. Wow, own domain. Hope that I also can switch to my own domain too. But switching isn't easy I think with those paid posting already been registered with this free domain.

Azel Kilheeny said...

oh yeah tell me about it! took me time to update all my registration and I have a lot :p anyways thanks for the link and i see you have cbox already. great!