Portable DVD player

This is listed in my hidden wish list. I don’t have a big 31’ inch TV (neither it is plasma or LCD) but I do have a small 15’ inch TV that was given from my mum since my dad bought two (yes two!) 29’inch for their bedroom and living room entertainment. (Soon after my dad bought the TV sets, he found out that LCD TV, even it is quite expensive, are more space saver, he went mad about it for a month) :D

I am DVD collector but usually I just use my pc to play them. Last time, it was a pain in the -you know what I mean- to watch them but since the last few month, I upgraded my old timer (that is the 14’ inch CRT monitor) to a stylish 17’ inch LCD monitor. It’s been a good, clear and bigger view since the upgrade.

But now, another problem arises. I only have one computer in my room and my laptop (not exactly my laptop) are at the office, my better half (that is my wife) also wanted to use computer to access her email and surf the internet, usually, when I want to watch my favorite DVD and she doesn’t interested with the title that I’m going to watch. My wife likes to watch horror movies and I’m a war movie buff. I have to admit that I’m such a ‘chicken dead’, I don’t watch horror movie with her always and she always retaliate by wanting to use the computer.

Today, I found the ultimate solution. I really mean it. A portable 10 inch DVD player will do just right. Although it is rather small, well, I can watch my favorite DVD without disturbing wifey time on the computer. And she doesn’t have to drag me to watch with her hers’ horror DVD. And more of it, we can watch DVD anywhere we want, even inside our small car. I saw it here at DigitalFramez. Even the digital frame is interesting. Hmm...

Now, definitely it will be my on my Christmas present wishing list.

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