Opss... I've been missing for a while...

Yes, I've been missing for a few days now. Three days of computer-less day. Well, thanks to the holiday and Hari Raya open house invitation, I didn’t manage to update this blog during the holidays.

The first day of Hari Raya, I went fishing (again) with wifey. This time different place than any place that we already been. It’s near the Mengkabong Bridge but not under the bridge. The village called Kg Batangan Baru. But the weather is not friendly that day. The heat is dehydrating me and I almost faint (not really lah hehhe). I’ve got sunburn around my neck and my arms. To add insult to injury, I didn’t manage to catch any fish. Not even a small fish! Damn… KO-ed and sleep all through the evening until the next morning without eating our dinner. Hungry but too tired to wake up to eat.

Waiting patiently for pish (fish)...

(Almost) The whole scene

Weird crab. A cross between normal crab and horseshoe crab

The second day of Raya, my whole family (except my father, who went to work overtime because of triple pay for working on holidays) went to my aunt house at Papar. Nothing really exciting happen here except the day were so hot, we end up sitting outside the kitchen hopefully manage to get some cold breeze. The wind directions are not aligning with the house design and only blow outside their kitchen. Went back home and went to sleep very early than I usually do (again).

My third day of Raya is quite good. Again my whole family (this time not only my father but my sister also didn’t join us) went to Membakut to visit my late uncle family there. It’s been a long time ago (almost 5-6 years) since I didn’t visit them and my aunt almost cannot recognize me. The exact word that came out from her mouth is “Si Joy kah ni? Alala Basar sudah anak buah sia ni… Dulu masi kicil kicil lagi diaorang ni” Almost all my cousin and aunt present here and I say this is almost like a family reunion. When we finally say our goodbye to the host, instead of heading straight home, I purposely drive to Beaufort since Beaufort are just 20 km (approx) away from Membakut then make a detour to Pantai Sawangan (also called The Survivor Jetty). This time without my fishing gears. Ouch! My itchy hand! Went back and reach Tanjung Aru around 7.30 pm.

By the way, I realize that I haven’t yet update my photo at my Friendster. Haya, no wonder all my close friends keep asking me to update the photo section. What to do, when the laziness conquering the mind, even small things like that I malas to update. Wei, visit my blog lah then can see banyak photo. Never mind, within this week I will update it. Now I’m going to be busy to backup my laptop hard disk.

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