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I wanted to post about this yesterday but my "Edit HTML" and "Compose" button are missing. Tried to refresh for a few times but still didn't get any changes. I tried login in my account at home using my home pc last night and there is no problem with it. Since I only use office laptop to update (whole article that I write are in Microsoft word document and some picture saved in the laptop) I assume the problem are solved and didn’t bother to update.

This morning, I tried again using my laptop and the problem still there. Tried to read FAQ but I still didn’t find any answer. I even reinstall back the Mozilla Firefox but it is still didn’t solve the problem. Finally I solved it by clearing the private data. (Firefox – Tools – Options – Privacy – Clear Now).

Now back to the story.

Yesterday, after looking jealously at others dot com personal domain (I have to admit, Azel. I was jealous looking at your blogsite :P ) and after a heartbreak looking at the PayPerPost opportunities that are so limited for me, I decided to buy my own domain. Thanks to Smorty, my ads were approved by them and finally I’ve got my first online payment that I truly earn from blogging.

I’ve been promising myself since I started blogging to buy a dot com domain for my own blog soon after I’ve got my first payment.

From “” (a Korean guy own it) to “” (Chinese company already got it), all of them are already taken and obviously I can’t take “” since JBL is a trademark brand. Since I use this “” address at, then why don’t I just use “”. Search it on and found it still available. After a few clicks (the process quite long since I have to read all the instruction and the Terms), then it is done. I just applying a new domain name that cost USD 9.99/yr.

But, as Murphy’s Law say… “If anything can go wrong, it will”

Actually, I get some discount for the payment. Thanks for my habit of trying to get as much of knowledge from internet, I found out that I can get discount by searching those discount code for at And I got myself a 20% discount (Am I genius?) hehhe… But not for long, I think I should be patient because this morning, I found out that my PayPerPost Review has been approved (worth USD20). Then again, am I a fool?

And the good news…

p/s I won’t be changing to this domain instantly since I have to know if I can change my website address at PayPerPost, Smorty and the rest of the ads company that I already joined. Also I have to figure out on how to make these changes on my blog.

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Dylan said...

Just wanted to let you know that also has quite a few coupons, including one's like GoDaddy and other domain registration sites.

kay kastum said...

Yay! Welcome to the club.

AK said...

I second kay kastum! welcome to the club! Come on pal, no need to be jealous. I know your time will come. Anyways glad to see it motivates you in a way. If you are using blogger as your blog host then it should be ok because it will redirect your blogspot to your new domain. You can read more about it on She did a good explanation on it! Get a new web 2.0 template from her too!

cindy said...

Oooo congratulations on the new domain! :D

Welkam tu de klab! :D

LeeJB said...

Kay : Thanks man.

Azel : Thanks for the tips. Your blog also give me lots of tricks already.

Cindy : Thanks. Also thank you for visiting my blog.

I still waiting an answer from PPP about my transfer. About Smorty, they already answered and I just have to re-register my new domain to them and they will be re-review back the content.