My christmas wish list!

Even Christmas is about 2 month away, I don't care. I still want to make my wish list.

First and foremost, I want a Nintendo Wii. Yeah for PS3, I ain't getting any workout that I need but I believe that Nintendo Wii will give me the exercise that I should be working out now.

Second, a big box full of World War II airplane model kit in 1/48 sizes. That will include any Japanese aircraft, Allied forces aircraft and 3 sets of B-17F Flying Fortress with Memphis Belle decal marking. Yes, Memphis Belle is my favorite bomber.

Last and not lest, a house. Any house will do except apartment. And I want a fully equipped garage for me installed in the house. In the garage also, equiped with a room solely for building model kit and a corner for my "garage" produce demo album.

For me, this is perfect gifts for him (and that's is me!)

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Nick Phillips said...

Hey Lee, I have about the same Christmas wish list as you ... LOL!