My 101st post

I breach the 100th post marks. It is a good sign that I still blogging and never quit. Let me tell you a bit of the story about how come I ever started thinking on starting a blog and try to earn some cash from this blog.

It is not as easy as you think to just sign up and blogging and earn. In reality, you have to establish your blog to the world of internet. It depends on what you really want to say or write. Sometime, your blog will not get any visitor. I’ve been known that in this “down time” people will just leave their blog. Quit and don’t give a damn about it. Well, that is what I almost do that time. But actually the real word is, blog hopping. Must do that at lest once a week to reach out the other blogger and learn how they publish their blog and how they do it.

I rather say that I was attracted to blogging since I saw Liew CF post about his earning through Adsense. What is Adsense? I recalled asking to my own self. Well, for those who don’t know, Adsense is a kind of advertisement under Google Company. Just look on the top of this post and you can see the “Ads by Google”.

I did email to Liew CF on how to start a blog. There are lots of free site to start a free blog such as, or There are others too but it is you to find it out by fully utilized Google search engine. So I just go on and register to By the time that I register to Blogger, my birthday almost near and I just said to myself, make this as birthday resolution. Just go on and read my very first post here.

Well, to be honest, I was too naïve and thought that I could started to earn straight away but no. I register this PayPerPost and their Terms And Condition was clearly stated that I must have a 90 days old of blog site and must not have gap between post that exceed 30 days. Actually I found out about this PayPerPost about 40-60 days after I started blogging and I actually did abandoning this blog for a few weeks straight. Just imagine the frustration and have to wait almost about 90 days. Then just recently my blog was approved by them.

I'm proud of it hehehe....

Till this date, my Adsense haven’t reach USD1. Why? I don’t know. But I already earn some from Smorty. At lest I can say I did earn some now.

So, my final words, Congratulation for myself for still blogging and stay patient.

God Bless.

p/s Today I got a bad news. My wife have to go to Tawau for two whole month to train a cashier there. Her company has just open a workshop there. I will be bujang for a while then. Sigh...

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Rumil said...

congrats on your 101th post. wife aint there ah? good la! enjoy your bujangness! go order roti telur and hentam tu dal and kari banyak banyak!