Mushroom, anyone?

Since my last post about doing a business, not long after that, my best friend called me from Kuala Lumpur. He asks me if I have any plan on doing any business. I just answer him that I still thinking about doing one but still didn’t have any idea on what kind of business that I want to do. Then he asks me if I’m interested on working on his vacant land. Well, I said, let me think about what kind of business that we can do to it.

So I ask my wife to ask her relative who works at Jabatan Pertanian (Farm Department) on how their department can help us to start a farm. The relative ask us to submit the land photo and ask an official to come to the land and make a test of the soil. This test will determine of what kind of plant that are suitable to be planted there. He also tell us that we should start rearing duck and sell salted duck eggs as there is high demand on the product.

To be honest, rearing animals such as chickens and ducks is very hard as you have to keep the place clean and have to take care of their health apart from their stinking excrete. So, rearing animals are out from the list.

In one magical day (hehe..), I read an article on a local newspaper about this guy who are jobless after quitting his job at Kuala Lumpur and spend his time helping his family tending their paddy field. Live at only a meager salary, he started to search other things to do. One of his Chinese friends recommends him to start a mushroom farm. To make the long story short, now he earn RM5000 (approx USD1485) per month. *A bulb shining brightly* I say to myself “This is fun!”

So, immediately, I start up my computer and started to make a research about it. As soon as I type “projek penanaman” (Farming project in english) in Yahoo search engine, the word “projek penanaman cendawan” (Mushroom farming project) came up first!

So this is what makes me really interested to it now. A blog on Mushroom Farming at Also stated there is a course on Mushroom farming that will be held in November. This is great!

Details as below :


Masa: 8.00 Pagi - 5.00 Tghari

Lokasi: Aras 2, Wisma Pertanian Sabah,
Jalan Tasik, Luyang (Off Jalan Maktab Gaya), Beg Berkunci 86, 88998 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Fee: Rm300

Penceramah: Puan Jamilah Lee, Pengurus Pembangunan Cendawan, KPD Sabah

*Untuk mendaftar/Keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi Urusetia Kursus KPD di talian 088-291315 (Pn. Amelia) @ 088-291319 (Pn. Rosmiah)

*Daydreaming mode ON*
I can open up an online shopping and I can supply my mushroom to whole wide world. Ultimately I have to get a website running and shopping cart software running. How about this time?
*Daydreaming mode OFF*

Now the question is, am I willing to leave my cozy computer table and chair to a cold, dark and damp mushroom house? Just let the time tell.

p/s: I will sign up for the course and already taken leave on the course date. :P

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Zainijimmy said...

hoh...congrats!!...pertanian itu perniagaan hhehe...well, nnti buli la berguru sama ko ni ..