Last Night at Shamrock (KK Bloggers Meet)

Standing: Dee, Jasmine, Wuan, Joy (Now I know why they didn't know me. I'm known as Bernard in their blog :) .
Sitting: JacQ, Peter, Edgar
Picture taken by Jefferi

Receiving my prize from the quiz that Julian put out at his blog.

Julian giving me milk.

Please don't disturb me. I'm milking now.

Now it's your turn, Julian.

p/s: The night was great. Looking forward for next meets.

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Edgar said...

erm.. i got update on mine. leeched u guys punya pics.. sorry ya.

josie said...


Nice meeting u although it was a brief sorry I had to leave early because of other commitment..but i am pretty sure we all will have more gathering nx time....yay....

Zainijimmy said...

hoh..very meriah...ur pic milking very funny one hhehhe...very suit u indeed :P

Dee said...


Thank for a lot of coming with Edgar. You and Julian certainly made the meet livelier with your bottle prize. Did you finish the milk? Hehehe.

Anyways, it was a pleasure to have met you and hope to see you in the next bloggers gathering ya?

Take care! =D

LeeHng said...

Had a great time yeah!


LeeHng said...

wahahaha enjoy the nite at the meet! XD

"got milk"?

kay kastum said...

The susu looks so appetizing. Better then Kilkenny's I guess?