Kung Fu : The Legend Continue

When I saw Gallivanter post about McGyver, immediately I remember this movie Kung Fu. This movie also very addicting to me. Makes me cringe when I saw Cain lifting the BIG HOT steel pot with Dragon and Tiger symbol that is in fiery red because of the temperature.

My name is Cain. Kwai Chang Caine

After looking into International Movie Database, now I know that the movie (or drama) are really long spanning from 1972 (that is before I was born) until 1997 (here I have to choose between finishing my homework early or missing one of the episodes :P)

Here is the link to the movie in sequence,

Kung Fu - 1972 - 1975

Kung Fu : The Legend Continues - 1992

Kung Fu : The Legend Continues - 1993

Kung Fu : The Movie - 1986 - I didn't know there is a movie for this drama >.<

Bonus for you all. Snippet where Caine dodge bullet. (Just see their camera trick on this. So hilarious. At that time, I almost believe that he is invincible. LOL!)

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Gallivanter said...

I remember this, though wasn't a huge fan of it. :-)