Kota Kinabalu. My beloved town...

Today, there is nothing much that I do except checking on the stock here at my office and help my colleague to prepare some things to be sent out.

I've been hooked on this Wikipedia and "Wikihopping" from one article to another. From Noble (actually I've been researching this Noble prize for my own self education) to premature obituary to torpedo etc.

Being off and on looking at the monitor, suddenly I thought "Try wiki Kota Kinabalu". And walla! the page are fully loaded with information and even it was updated with latest information.

Kota Kinabalu (IPA: 'kɒtɑ kɪnɑbɑlʊ), formerly known as Jesselton, is the capital of Sabah, a state in Malaysia, as well as the capital of the West Coast Division of Sabah. Located on the northwest coast of the island of Borneo facing the South China Sea and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park on one side, and with Mount Kinabalu in the background, Kota Kinabalu sprawls for kilometers along the coast and towards inland. With an estimated population of 532,129 in the city and 700,000 in the urban area, it is the largest urban centre in Sabah and the sixth largest in Malaysia.[1]

Kota Kinabalu, often simply known as K.K., is known within Malaysia, and to an extent, internationally, as a tourism getaway and a major gateway into Sabah and Borneo.[2] Kinabalu National Park is located about 90 kilometres from the city, and besides this, it also features a number of tourist attractions in and around the city itself. The city is also one of the major industrial and commercial centers in East Malaysia besides Kuching in Sarawak. These two factors combine to make Kota Kinabalu one of the fastest growing cities in the country.
*Excerpt from Wikipedia.org

Well, congratulation for the person who took the trouble to update it with latest information and thank you for your work.

I know that some of the Peninsular Malaysia people still didn't know that we in Sabah are already modern in lifestyle also in technologies (even though not as modern as in Kuala Lumpur). But hey, we didn't live on top of the tree! (I know this rumors are true that in Peninsular Malaysia - we called them semenanjung guy - they thought that we in Sabah and Sarawak still live on top of the tree) But when they did ask me did we live at trees, I just said "Yes, and we have lift to carry our things up the tree and we have wireless connecting the whole tree community into a wireless internet connection". And those who said that we live like cavemen, I just said that "Last time, when we are rich with kayu balak, we dig tunnel to connect us to Australia and to go to Australia is only takes 3 hour by our underground bullet train hahaha... (definitely this is just a joke!).

Life at Sabah are really laid-back style. No traffic jam, no hustle, everything quite cheap (although we in Sabah now can say things are quite expensive now) even seafood are abundant.

The Bahasa Malaysia accent that we use are slightly same like the Indonesian Bahasa Melayu. No wonder why Peninsular people will mistaken that we are from Indonesia. Hehhe... Yes, I can speak fluent in Bahasa Melayu but really cannot speak in Chinese. That's why they thought that I am from Indonesia wheneven I make my trip to Kuala Lumpur.

Oh ya, where can you see this kind of scene where mountain, sea and a major city in one picture? Definitely only in KK!!!

For those who haven't seen Kota Kinabalu, I suggested that you make a plan and come here in Sabah.

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