Kota Kinabalu Jazz Fest (Final Post)

It is almost two month after the Jazz Fest and I haven't finish it yet. So let the picture do the talking and some comment on it.

Roger Wang with Mia Palencia. Both are Sabahan. They perform their own rendition of some P. Ramlee's songs.

Next session

Son2Nos (If I'm not mistaken, he is Ashif Pishori, Piano)

Son2Nos guitarist. Chris Tomas-Guitar. He is from Philippines.

James Vielma (Son2Nos) Percussion.

Next Session

Farid Ali. Gambus jazzier.

Denise Minifield from California.

She perform the most powerful showmanship and it was outstanding. Makes people dance on their feet man!!

Son2Nos Myspace

Overall, even though it was so damn tiring, it was superb!!! (Still can imagine the vibe from the Jazz Fest ;) )

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