I sold my soul to the mushroom god.

Now I think I’m getting serious with my mushroom things. Please don’t laugh when you see the picture below.

Yes, finally I registered with them this morning.

That’s why I was kind of late posting last night Bloggers meet (nvm, they already done it for me hehe..). At lest, I already paid then I have no excuse that I must miss the course. Going there is not a problem, but getting a parking was a nightmare. Imagine if you have to park outside the building compound and there is no other alternative.

Park at the roadside lah. Hope the “pakcik baju putih” (Police Traffic) wont give me the love letter (a.k.a. summon slip). Luckily the registration is not so complicated. Kenapa lah derang inda pandai buat plan untuk public punya parking? Stewped "orang perintah".

The altar of Mushroom.

So wish me luck for selling my soul to the mushroom god. Hehe..

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Zainijimmy said...

good luck man !! nnti sa datang lawat2 ko punya kebun mushroom utk menimba ilmu hheh..

ak said...

All the best! Wishing you all the success to come!

bengodomon said...

Why mushroom, and not others eg, coffee?

LeeJB said...

Zaini: Kalau ada suda rumah cendawan sia nanti sia kasi kad emputan pi tingu2 cendawan hehe...

Azel: Hope it will come true!

bengodomon: I've been researching for a business that at lest won't hurt my bank. Since I can get help with KPD, so I just wanna try this first. Actually, I wanted to rear duck but I cannot stand the stench and I also don't want to disturb my neighbor.

cindy said...

Oooo good luck Bernard!! :D Next time I know where to get mushroom supplies!

kay kastum said...

That's the spirit man!
I salute your spirit. Just like Zaini Jimmy... just do it!