I signed up for PPP! Finally I made it.....

My day was started quite okay today except that I woke up quite late and almost been left by my friend ( yes we car pool to our work). Checked up my email but nothing interesting in it beside I already found quite a lot of my secondary school friends in Friendster. After doing some newspaper reading and rearrange my table, I went on opening my PayPerClick account and checked all the paid mail. Double checked on the email and walla.... I already got USD1.11 in my Paypal from Donkeymails.com (hey, they do pay up, man!!) !!

Then after entertaining some customer, I checked again my email, this time checking the Junk mail. My eyes quickly caught the heading "PayPerPost : Your Blog Has Been Approved". WOOT!!! in the junk mail??? Nuts!!! Quickly put it on the save mail list and read it.

Finally after I waited for 3 month, my blog have been approved by them. I've been knowing the PayPerPost from Kay Stanford Jr Kastum since he got his Roland Cube 60 Guitar Amp. On that time, my blog has been going for 2 month but my mistake, I rarely update it.

Now, with my PayPerPost being approved, I know that I can make money through blogging and I can use the money that I will get to upgrade my blogsite to a proper domain (not forgetting a DSLR camera for me and a brand new laptop for my wife) hehe.... Thanks PayPerPost!!!

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Kay Kastum said...

Way to go dude! It's sure gonna be more exciting from now on!

LeeJB said...

Yes, Kay. This is what I'm looking forward to. If I get lots from this, I might go and meet you at KL and say, "This entire trip are sponsored by PayPerPost", make and put their sticker on my luggage, taxi, shirt and, hell, even the plane that I board (just kidding). Hahaha... Anyway, thanks man.