How to make extra income?

For a few months already, I’ve been thinking on how to get other financial income. I don’t say that my blog will earn money in the instant because blogging will takes some time to develop visitor. I also decided that I won’t blog if I just wanted to earn money but I want to blog just for fun. Yes, in the beginning I have the mind set that “I will get rich by making blog” and started to put lots of advertising and joining lots of advertiser which ended up making me lose my patience in getting money through them. The point of blogging isn’t just for the money but the fun of blogging itself.

I already trying to plan on opening a business but still on deciding what kind of business that I want to have. Last 4 years back, I did open a shop dealing with computer services, art design, and advertising. The business almost turns out good but suddenly, problems that I-don’t-want-to-mention here arises. I ended up in owing my father almost 20 Grand now. Well, what do you expect? Your only customer is your closes friend and every time they come, you have to give them good discount until you suffer. And also, I learn that, why people in any type of services field are not honest just because they need the customer to come back. That is not my case because I was working so honest and repair their computer so good and they did not come back. I mean so good and the computers never have any problem anymore.

After a major discussion I have to close the shop down. (I still keep my company running until now, in case I got other opportunity of making other business even though I keep spending almost RM2K every year to maintain the Sendirian Berhad status).

I’ve been thinking about opening a burger stall with my colleague. In his younger days, he sell burger around his neighborhood and manage to earn about RM300 (after deducting the modal cost) a week. But we have to scrap this idea since we don’t have the time to prepare the stuff for the burger ingredient by looking our office hour unless we can persuade other non-working friend to join in. Preparing them (burger ingredient) is not that hard but it is still time consuming.

Also that came across my mind is, reviving my company by providing computer repair services. I don’t want to be negative here but the moment that the idea came in my mind, I already know that I cannot compete with those establish computer shop that already gain their trust to lots of customer. Also, to get a better deal, I have to register my company to government agency so that I can get government contract. Since only their cronies always getting the tender, also the amount of money that will involve in just getting the tender (hint!), the idea goes straight to the scraped idea.

Now, I’m thinking about making business online, which is ecommerce in business language. Not sure yet what kind of things or services that I will sell but I have to research on how to make the website interface and software first. I know that every site that providing online shopping must have shopping cart. Definitely involving the shopping carts software. By looking almost every site that have this ecommerce software, I already know it will be a much easier work to setting up online shopping website. No hassle! (except money, duh!)

But for now, I’m still thinking of other ways to get extra income. Anyone have any ideas? Just list it on the comment box.

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Rumil said...

blogging is about fun. patience is key IF you want to earn money. no biggie, blog blog blog.

of course, in real life something extra will be just great.

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Lee, congrats on joining the paid posting world. Here's looking forward to you making tons of cash, don't forget me, k? :)

LeeJB said...

rumil - That the whole idea of blogging actually.

nick - Thanks. Hope to earn some from this blog. At lest, paid posting will give me the will to continuing my blog. May my blog will grow and become more mature as time goes by.

kay kastum said...

Woohoo! Welcome to the club.
Don't forget, with great powers comes great responsibilty... LOL!

Rumil said...

paid posting lambat la verify me. sakit hati. i'm in front of the comp every weekdays waiting to blog about some product. T-T

LeeJB said...

rumil, I've been in your situation. Just wait patiently. In the mean while, fill up your blog.