Good news from PayPerPost

After registering my own domain (that is, I have to make lots of changes and sending email (including sending ticket PayPerPost) asking on about how can I change my registered domain to this one.

After checking to my PayPerPost account this morning (after waiting for 4 days), finally it's a good news for me.

Click to enlarge it. This picture is to small for you to read it.

They give me the green light to me to change the registered website.

Thank you very much Azel for giving the advise to setup my custom domain and giving the blogsite address.

I planned to give it a try next week and might be changing the layout too. I started to hate this layout. I have not yet get any help on my banner (notice the unattractive and half filled banner on top of this blog) or is it called banner?

p/s Still deciding to join the KK Bloggers Meet tomorrow night or not....

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Azel @ AK said...

Aha! Another good news I see. Congrats man. Look forward to see you new domain and template. Gimme a shout if u need help with the banner. The least I can do for you after all your support! Just let me know.

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Buddy, congrats on getting your own domain :) I might consider getting one for myself one fine day ...