Facebook user face ID frauds?

London: Users of the popular social networking website Facebook were warned on Wednesday that they were putting themselves at risk of identity fraud by posting even a handful of their details online.

According to the BBC’s consumer rights television programme Watchdog, set to air later Wednesday, fraudster could open bank accounts and received credit card armed simply with the information found on a user’s Facebook page.

The show created a user named “Amba Friend”, posted a cartoon picture of a girl in hers 20s on the fictional user’s Facebook profile page and contacted 100 people at random inviting them to be her friend.

Of those, 35 replied,despite knowing nothing of “Amba Friend”, thereby giving programme-makers personal details shared on the networking website.

These are the excerpt that I’ve read at Daily Express (Sabahan Newspaper) today. In a world that claims “information is at your fingertips”, this kind of treats is very normal. You will never know when your personal information will be stolen. Even when you are registering yourself at any website services are at risk from ID fraud.

I did ever encounter (I can say almost like an ID fraud) this kind of situation last few month when someone from XXX (please don't think dirty about that XXX) company of credit card called me to verify that I am applying for their credit card. (My salary can apply for the card but I still don’t want to apply since the nightmare debts story that I heard and saw). But I didn’t apply at all. Amazingly, they claim that they know my Identity Card number (so called Social ID Number in US). Well, I just said that I never apply for any credit card and refuse to mention any of my IC number. The trick is, you have to ask them if they know your IC number. If they cannot do that, it means they just called you in random and try to trick you into applying their card or there are really someone are trying to steal your ID which really means that you are in really deep sh*t.

My advise, just be careful.

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