AmBank NextG Prepaid Credit Card

I know I didn't have any credit card for my disposal. I've been thinking on how to apply one even though that my salary can apply them but unfortunately, my company did not provide salary slip and no, I have not yet meet the income tax form (Form J are needed to apply credit card).

So this is more likely my alternative, Ambank NextG Prepaid Credit Card.

(Numbers are being censored for security reason)

To get this is very easy. Just go visit any AmBank nearest to your work place or home and ask them about the NextG Card. Just produce your MYCard (that is your IC hehe..) and pay RM25 for it. They will explain to you on how to put money to your card, when to get pin and etc. I think this credit card should be good for person like me who will lose control when in shopping situation. You only can use this card only when you have sufficient amount in it.

Well there's few down side on this too. I'm not sure all of it now but the obvious one is, you are going to be charge Rm3 for each month for the maintenance fee.

So for those out there who need this kind of credit card, I recommend this card for your online shopping/payment solution.

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Rumil said...

now u need to get another one. the one with visa for PayPal withdrawal.