Would you eat your friend to be alive?

I'm very sure that all of you out there know this story. I've read it on Readers Digest years ago. Even bought the movie called ALIVE based on this story. But I couldn't finish watching it. It wasn't gruesome or what, but I cannot face it but it is the truth.

The reason that I post this up because I stumble upon this article that National Geographic Channel shows a reconstruction of the amazing 72-day survival story.

Grin and bear it ... survivors try to keep up their spirits

The story is about a group of Rugby team crashed at the snowy heights of the Andes and trapped there without any food and water. And to prevent from die in hunger, they have to eat their friends and family (they didn't kill them but only have to eat their corpse) and drink their own urine.

Wreck ... the aftermath

“On the rare occasion when we had a fire, they even cooked it, which improved its taste.

“For me, eating the meat became easier over time. Some could not overcome their revulsion — but all of us were eating enough now to hold starvation at bay.

“Out of respect for me, the others had promised not to touch the bodies of my mother and sister but, even so, there were enough bodies to last us for weeks if we rationed the meat carefully.

“To make the food last even longer we began to eat the kidneys, the livers and even the hearts.

“These internal organs were highly nutritious and, as grisly as it may sound, by this point most of us had grown numb to the horror of friends being butchered like cattle.”

Devastation ... the crashed plane

*Source from the The Sun Online All Rights Reserved (Photo taken from the article)

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Ratu Syura said...

I love this movie! I think I watched it more than 10 times already! What got me through the whole movie was the fact that Ethan Hawke was damn hot in the movie! Hehehe.. But seriously though, in that situation survival is the main priority even if it means having to eat your friends. I think I would have done the same.