Sony Alpha Workshop In Kota Kinabalu

Last Saturday(22 Sept), my brother and I went to this Sony Alpha Workshop at Marina Court. It was supposed to be held at Promenade Hotel but the venue has been change to Marina Court due to unseen problem. Actually we already in Promenade Hotel when we have been informed the change of venue.

The workshop was attended by about 15 people and that’s includes me and my brother. It was started at 2 pm and last for 4 hours.The workshop was conducted by Ted Adnan, a professional photographer based in Peninsular Malaysia.

The workshop

From this workshop, we learn how to take photo (hahaha macam tidak pandai take photo pula sia lol), learning different lenses and how to use them and lighting. All in all, this workshop are more teaching in basic photography.

The group photo.

p/s Actually, we were given a beautiful model to practice our knowledge after the workshop, but i still haven't get the picture from my brother. Will post it up later when I get it. :D


2 p/sThe workshop are free. Photo credit to Ted Adnan.

Link to Sony Alpha Community Forum

Link to Ted Adnan Photography

Link to Ted Adnan Blog


Pirut said...

Yup! We was there with our senior, Ted Adnan! Hehe.. will see you soon brother!

Flanegan said...

Wow... Everyone going for Sony ahh...
Carl Zeinn... haha

Kay Kastum said...

So... someone has a Sony Alpha series ey..? Pinjam?

ted adnan said...

so, mana gambar dia lah? post lah ke sini :D