Malaysia Day = Fishing for me

Tomorrow, 16 September, all Sabahan will celebrate Malaysia Day. Since it is a public holiday and falls on Sunday, the public holiday will be replace on Monday. So I decided to go fishing at Pantai Sawangan, Kuala Penyu (the venue for the annual Pesta Rumbia) hehehe....

So to prepare for my trip tomorrow, I bought this at fishing shop nearby my office. (Best kan...)

One of the box won't be use for fishing anyway hehhe... (Gonna be my model hobby kit box)

Actually I have been fishing since last 3 years. But since I have to wait for a good timing of holiday, there haven't been any post for my fishing activity. So below are my last fishing outings at a bridge near Yayasan Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.

Ready to cast the rod. I have to look for the incoming vehicles so that I don't catch a car/motorcycle instead of fish.

See the incoming car behind me.

The victim of the night, catfish aka "The General" or Ikan Gaguk (as we local called it). We don't really fond of this fish because all of us know that this fish eats human waste. Yuck.

My best picture of the night.

As for the night, all of us (8 person) don't get any fish. Since I went to Pantai Sawangan, Kuala Penyu the next day, I have to go back early to get some rest. There won't be any picture for the entire trip at Pantai Sawangan since I'm too busy fishing.

But I promise there would be picture for tomorrow trip.

*Credits have to be given to my wife for her photo shooting using her phone. Thanks honey!


PapaJoneh said...

wahh.. you really are a fishing hobbyist. husband & wife some more. My uncle probably in that area too, at the YS bridge... he loves to fish but me not. I love rc trucks. :D

Ok, just wanna say hi :)

Kay Kastum said...

I love the 'idea' of fishing.

LeeJB said...

papajoneh : I love those rc car too. But I can't afford to buy one coz I want those 'fuel' one, not batteries.

kay : Lol. Hey kay, I got prob with my feedburner. It seems not sync with this blog. And I don't know how to put those widget here.