Is this called meme??

I never answer these kind of question but maybe I should try at lest once.

1. Who knows the real you?
. My self

2. Last time you smiled?
. still until now

3. If you could kiss anyone who would
it be?
. my wife

4. What song are you listening to?
. A day in a life by the beatles

5. Who does it remind you of?
. every one that i known in my life

6. Last movie you watched?
. the secret

7. Which of your friends lives closest
to you?
. Charles

8. What CD is in your stereo?
. my stereo were already packed in the box

9. Do you have a job?
. yes

10. What did you do yesterday?
. went to repair my dad's car

12. Do you wear contacts or glasses?
. i wear glass

13. Last person you ditched class with?
. last time when i'm still a school boy, Remie Willon and Patrick Undi

14. What's your Dad's middle Name?
. hahaha...

15. Do you trust your friends?
. I trust them but they always stab my back.

16. Who was the last person to call
. My wife

17. What,who annoys you?
. people who acts like they love this guy but only love his money. Act like an angel but devil within her. Don't take advantage with him, biatch. p/s Go f**k you own mirror.

18. Would you move to another
state/country to be with the one you
. hmm... already married. What for?

19. Next vacation you're going to?
. planning but not yet decided. (Travel around Sabah by train)

20. Do you play any instruments?
. yes. Guitar.

21. Do you believe that everything
happens for a reason?
. my name is Joy and I believe in karma

22. Do you want any piercings?
. wish to have one

23. Did you ever go to Prom?
. one time only

24. Last time you went to the mall?
. last night

25. Who last IMed you?
. what the hell is IMed?

26. What was the last thing you ate?
. Melilea thingie

27. Ever snuck outta the house?
. never

28. Which of your friends would make
the best roommate?
. my wife.

29. Last thing you purchased?
. maggie

**All of above are answered in anger hahahha....


Azel Kilheeny said...

Hey Bernard, hope you can enlighten me about "meme"? Dont understand the term. By the way you have mispelled my name. I hope no one will assume that I kill"heeny"?!

LeeJB said...

Hi Azel. Well I'm also didn't know what is the term 'meme' in here. But sometimes, I encounter this term in other blog. Such as like this
(one of the blog that I also dig). I try to find it out.