Hoaaaaa!!! Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival Part 3

Now I realize that blogging is really not in my blood. Instead thinking that it is fun to have and be a blogger, I found that it's hard for me to update this blog. But at lest, I tried my best to update it.

Now I also found out that I don't have the time to fully update my KK Jazz Fest review since my real life demand more time to update with. Hmm... I suppose some of it will be postponed to a later date. So here my part 3 KK Jazz Fest Review.

Jazzelton Quintet

June Tan on the keyboard and Prof Hanafie on the bass with unknown saxophonists.

They perform lots of catchy song like The Flintstones Theme and Dancing Cheek To Cheek. This is my first time to hear a Jazz version of The Flintstones Theme heheee...