Fishing Trip at Pantai Sawangan, Kuala Penyu, Sabah : Day Two

In this journey, we almost met an accident with a f**king moron driver. He stop in front of us (a complete stop) and didn't give any signal whether he wanted to stop or turn right. Just in a fraction of seconds, when my wife (yes, she is driving) trying to overtake that SOB, he accelerate to turn a sharp right turn. We almost hit his car at the rear wheel. When we at the complete stop (almost hitting him), then he switch on his damn car 'right' signal light. Damn!

Anyway, we finally reach Pantai Sawangan safely on that day.

See how many local people that are fishing here.

My wife candid me (but I already saw her taking my picture haha...)

But in this day, I can say I was pissed off by another f**king moron. I know I'm not a local there but at lest he, as a muslim in this fasting month, are considerate in "conquering" the fishing spot. At lest why don't just share spot with me. Instead he cast his bait "across" the whole spot! (Details are below) ( Also a cat who manage to "kidnapped" a fish which I will tell you later)

Lucky for him that I maintained my sanity and my patient during his stay there. Anyway, he went back after couple’s hours. I heard him murmuring that he is sleepy. You cannot sleep while fasting lah,bro!! Your fasting considered 'batal', you moron!!! Enough said he left.

After a while, I got a company. A cat. The fish below in the picture are not mine. They belong to a kid who looks like a Filipinos to me. Well there suppose to have 4 of fish there, but the cat manage to "kidnapped" one.

So after a while, we called it a day. That is around 5.30 pm. This is the last picture that I take there. What a beautiful sunset at Pantai Sawangan (Beyond the picture, there is where Labuan Island is located)

Catch of the day!!!